NastyVCS – VoS

“NastyVCS stays on the musical (and not the surgical) side of the audio source”. Damn, I cannot say this better myself.

Official Page

Variety of Sound! Yes, again! These plugins are just good.

Happy 7th birthday, nastyVCS! Still fresh and young.
The VCS stands for “Virtual Console Strip”, and this is what you get. There are some EQs (like quoted above) for musical manipulation (again, there is an extra article only about that: I can has color). This feels more like an analog console and that is good!

Controlable saturation, gain (“only” +/-12dB), basic phase alignment, compressor and limiter with some options. (I suggest the manual!).

Most of it is intuitive, for the rest you might need some time.


GUI: 9/10

All theses options….. nicely done, but you need some time, especially for the cut and the compressor modes.

Function: 10/10

Yeah, no suprise. VoS delivers…! You can even deactivate not used modules…

Eficiency: 10/10


Personal opinion: 8/10

Usually I’m not using plugins to simulate complete analog gear – saturation is an exception – I just don’t need it in the digital world. But this one is really nice. The option to use only saturation is great, musical EQs might be handy sometimes and it is just well done. I like other compressors better.


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