Here you will find actual reviews about many free VSTs to be found. And I’m talking about the legal stuff, not some shady shit you gonna find elsewhere.

…(Wait, what is VST? —>Steinberg developed it. By now it is the standard plugin format for almost all available DAWs and you will have a hard time making music these days without it. Here you gonna find some general and historical information.)…



Well everyone loves free stuff, right? And it is a very good way to treat your GAS. On the subject of – free – vsts: There are many archives, websites, collections and whatever with thousands (no kidding…) of these free vsts (or links to these). But I have had a hard time finding acutal reviews. Sometimes a short comment, for some of them there is a video,  some archives just copy the texts of the developer as description and thats it.

This blog is – mainly – for beginners! But don’t get this wrong. Some of the vsts you may find in professionel studios (or are even develpoed by them). There is some really good stuff and I’ll try to catalog as good as I can, so you won’t make the same “mistakes” I did – blindly collecting all the free vsts because they are just there – and get lost in the sheer number. (This can be fun, too. It is just not productive…)

My goal is to build an overview of good free vsts instead of the usual soulless collections often seen and help you to find the good stuff and estimate their value for you.

When I started working with more prefessional DAWs than audacity I searched for something like this but could not find it.

I will try to make my assessments as objectiv as possible.


What you will find:

More or less extensive, objective – sometimes humorous – summaries and own opinions on plugins I tested. Including functionality, CPU load, usability….
I will concentrate on good* plugins, so this is more a personal collection.
Some gems I found coincidentally.

Virtual instruments and samples/soundfonds…. especially “real” instruments. Some of those are not easy to come by, so I will share, what i got.

Impulse responses for different occasions.


What you will not find:

Extensive collections of synths. There are just so many out there and I do not use them regulary, so I will usually not assess them. If I stumble on something extraordinary, I’ll share it – of cause.

AU / MAC only VSTs.

ILok requiring VST. (or any other payed licence / DRM crap).



And: If you find mistakes (language or in the facts), please let me know!

English is not my mother tounge – I apologize in advance.



*good: In my opinion. Either for myself or I can at least imagine, this will be useful for someone else.


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