Impulse Responses (IRs) – Cabs / Speakers

Listing free cabinet IRs – this list will be extended from time to time.
Quality might vary; I’m going to review or demo some if I find the time. Some of these collections are huge, so this will take a while.

You will need an Cabinet IR loader. Though you can use those used for reverbs, it is better to take the specifically designed ones.
If you are looking for reverb impulses: *Click

7 deadly sins by bestplugins (look for the complete archive link in the videos description, I’m not exactly shure, if these are really his or rather collected free stuff). These are named by the songs / musicians they are supposed to emulate.

412 MES-ST V60 by Ownhammer. This is a demo / free giveaway, based on a Mesa Boogie Standard slant 4×12 cabinet.
Awesome for metal!

Gods-Cab by wilkonsonaudio. Free giveaway

kalthallen – free library (link updated! 19.10.2018)

Studio Nord Bremen

Forum with loads of stuff forum down (19.10.2018)

Redline4: Telos Mini Pack (the link might get old, go to last page – hope they posted a working one 😀 )

Metaltastics Mesa Stiletto (same here, forum link, might get old).

Henry Olonga – Amps Bundle

Aegean Music – Marshall 4×12 (1960a) (link all the way down)


Funktion One: this is not a guitar cabinet but a full grown PA System. Just something to play around…

I’ve made a short demo! (Ownhammer Mesa and one Kalthallen cab, different amps and 3 stages of M-ST)


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