preFIX – VoS

The “preFIX is a pre-mixing and audio alignment tool” that allows you to correct some basic issues and covers “frequency correction, phase alignment, spatial stereo field corrections and routing”.

Official Page

This plugin is made by VoS so there is – no suprise – a lot of background information and explanation/tutorial linked.

This plugin basically fixes everything what could be wrong in your recorded track in terms of wrong / not done settings.
First of all, of cause, a low and high cut. Filter unwanted frequencies here (popular example: Bass in vocal recordings. Low cut around 100Hz for male and 200Hz for female).

Second is a sidechain filter for the third: a gate.

You also get to place the sound in a spacial stereo field, phase align with many controls and volume control, switchable between stereo linked and not linked.


GUI: 9/10

You can like it or not. But it is readable and gives you much information.

Function: 8/10

Holds the promises, but it is not easy to use. Some of the stuff will give you better results done in other plugins.

Efficiency: 10/10

0,4% CPU load (FX6300)


Personal opinion: 4/10

You get some nice options, but most of these I have seen elsewhere more intuitive, easier to use with a better visual feedback. Basic EQ and low/high cut in my EQ of choice (ReaEQ), gate*,  volume. The scope and the phase modules are good, but again, I’d prefer something else.
Nevertheless it is well done and might be of use to someone not me.



*Who needs gate? I will agree, it is a nice way to automate but in most cases you will be better of by manually cutting and muting the not needed parts. You also get individual control over your envelope and can adjust perfectly everytime. (Mostly relevant for live).
One exception is: A gated recording that “crackles” (happens sometimes with to short attacks). This might be saved by a gate with longer attack. Can be done manually too.

Of cause it can be useful live!


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