Impulse Responses (IRs) – Reverb

Listing free reverb IRs – this list will be extended from time to time.
Quality might vary.

A list of reverb IR-Loaders can be found here.
A list of cabinet impulse responses can be found here.

“Real room” Impulses:

OpenAirLib. Despite the name, there are many responses of different places. Ranging from water tanks and silos to churches, from experimental “slinky” ir to stone circles.
Not all of them are suitable for music, but there is some really impressive stuff.
As far as I can tell, you have to download them one by one. There are two processed examples for most IRs to listen to.

EchoThief. Unique spaces like artillery batteries, park cliffs, glaciers…. not your everyday reverb but interesting stuff.

Intelligentmachinery – Threshold (actually these are artificial) and Intelligentmachinery – Unnatural Spaces.
There is more, but these two are the most interesting. The first is experimental for sounddesign, the second is like: how will this sound in a tin can? Lets find out.
Experimental and not real rooms, interesting though.

emmanuelderuty (former
This is mixed. Some rooms, some gear, some instruments, some speakers. Just take a look!

Fokkie – a collection of selfmade IRs by Fokke van Saane on own demand. Mostly NOT in .wav format, but some are (is noted with each download when they exist). Factory hall, small church, small places (similar to Unnatural spaces)…

adventurekid diverse stuff, mostly aimed at actual rooms or traditional reverbs. Some cabinets are there, too.

Pori, Finland – Helsinki University of Technology. Concert Hall IRs. Literally every seat there.
These are not free for commercial use, please read license / ask for permission.

Balance Mastering – Teufelsberg NSA listening tower stick your head in the “Teufelsberg”.

Henry Olonga – Beautiful room

Sampled from Hardware:
There are some free libraries out there, but most of them are not really good (in my opinion). There is one exception though:

Samplicity’s Bricasti M7.

Is down (27.07.2020) this is so very sad :(….
All hail to the wayback machine

These were sampled by using the M7, a ~4000$ (might vary due to taxes) studio reverb (NOT MULTIEFFECT!).
I have to admit the first time I used them I was not aware that these were made from an algorithmic reverb and just by listening to the results I would never have guessed!
The names are well chosen, categorised…
I highly recommend these, if you are looking for really good reverbs!
They have some other stuff, too. These are demos of the commercial libraries. Not bad, but not as impressive as the M7.

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