Revitar2 – Cutter Music

Revitar2 – Cutter Music

Guitar synth, simulation.

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FS Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Bridge Pickup Direct In.sf2

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6 Pachtes:

1 muted patch
2 not/partly muted patches
1 Fake 12 String
1 “slap n slides” patch
1 Combined patch. (controlled via velocity: low = muted, high = not muted)

Great sound and variety.
Programming must be good to achieve a realistic sound, but the basic samples are high quality!

Sound: 10/10
Variety: 9/10
Dokumentation= -/-

Takes some experimenting to figure out.


This soundfont (with all the others on the flame studios page) are my favourite choice for electric guitar out of the box. Can be very close to the original.

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