Luftikus – ikjb

5 Band EQ “analog” EQ

Official Page

Link is down, I don’t know why.
Can be found in various  vst archives!


It got five fixed bands:
10,40,160, 640, 2.5 kHz

+1 High Boost.

The mastering switch changes the scales from 0.0dB to 0dB

Keep Gain: “Auto gain adjustment”. Really nice for comparison. This is an awesome feature that is hard to find. I only know the TDR Nova

Well chosen bands, great results. Less fit for sound design or killing feedback, but rather for mastering / bus equalizing or gerneral musical correction.
Nice option for killing unpleasant frequencies, e.g. when it is muddy or scratchy.

GUI: 9/10

Simple, no metering, all important information is there.

Function: 10/10

Really great. Not a surgical tool like a PEQ but just “one knob” adjustments with mostly good results.

Efficiency: 9/10

1.1% load



The word “Luftikus” is acutally a German colloquially pejorative word for a reckless, superficial or unreliable person. Someone who only offers “heiße Luft” (hot air), which is synonymous with something, that sounds or looks good but on closer inspection is of no value.
It is rarely used and some might call it old. The modern meaning tends to refer to childish (in terms of light headed or “actions without meaning/consequences)” behaviour (but observed in grown ups), rather than to actually negativ meaning.
Even though it is rarely used, it is well known, possibly because the “heiße Luft” is still very common.


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