Diezul VH4CH3 – Vadim Taranov

Emulation of the Diezel VH4 3rd channel after schematics.

Official Page


So simple but great.

There is just Gain, Volume, bass mid treble and an unlabeled switch (bypass eq circuit). But the results are just good.
While aimed at high disortion, it is possible to get an almost clean tone. And the EQ does a great job.
The EQ section seems to be non – linear. The Bypass changes the tone even in with all EQs “neutral”

GUI: 7/10

The metal plate is so pretty, but the knobs are ****.

Function: 10/10

Few controls but various good results. Just a good design.

Efficiency: 7/10

2,9% load


Low load!

Easy to handle, even for beginners.


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