TDR KOTELNIKOV – Tokyo Dawn Records

Very powerfull compressor.

Official Page

Yet another plugin by TDR.
It is described as mastering compressor, but will do great work for many applications.

Additionally to the classic compressor controls (Ratio, Attack, Knee and Makeup Gain) it provides Release seperatly for peak and rms reaction, peak crest, delta (listening to the actual change “compressed sound subtracted from original) dry/wet control, stereo link sensitivity and a low frequency slope.

The most outstanding two would be rms/peak release and peak crest. It is not easy to explain those in detail, but – because it is TDR – there is a very good user manual available as well  as a video, which explains these less known features.

GUI: 10/10

Not much to say here. Nice, clean, functional an still good looking.

Function: 10/10

Awesome compression for many applications.

Efficiency: 8/10

2,1% laod.
This is the only downside here, which might prevent an “use on all channels”.


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