StepCut – WOK

Basic LFO Cutting

Official Page

Used in demo

This plugin allows you to cut frequencies in steps, defined via tempo and curve

(like saw, sine,….) and the band with a high/lowpass.
There are some options to tweak, like max filter “movement” (cutoff) and how extrem it will be applied (filtermod). Just play around a bit, you gonna hear it.
The polarity of the filter can be inverted (I think it is the polarity of the used wave…) so it acts more like a gate.
And there is a window for defining steps that can change speed(up) or the filtermod for each step (up to 16), synced to tempo and half, quarter… notes.

Really nice for pumping sounds, only supports cutting.


Simple and usable. Probably needs some time to be understood completely

Function: 9/10

Works like a charm. Some more effects besides cutting would have been nice.

Efficiency: 9/10

~1,3% load. Not really low but not bad either.


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