Stereo Channel – Sleepy-Time Records

This simple plugin offers just plain old (modern) VU – Meters.

Official Page – the downloads are not working.
Scroll to the bottom, you will find links to google (package download) and bedroomproducers (single plugin download).


In the digital world these are not as important as in former analog studios but can still be useful sometimes.

Either you want some different metering than your DAWs standard or you need to check your level in a plugin chain.
Or maybe you want leave the digital world for some oldschool analog gear.

In all these cases a quick look on a VU meter can help.
Here you get stereo or mid/side meters, adjustable in nominal level with mute buttons for mid, side, left and right and some more controls.

Also available as “mono channel”

GUI: 10/10

Very modern, very clean. Extreamly useable.

Function: 10/10

VU – metering in almost every flavour.

Efficiency: 10/10

Load < 1%


Personal opinion :10/10

Useful, thought through and just well done.
I’d recommend to check out their other plguins, too.




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