RedAmption – Audio Teknikk

The versatile compressor by Audio Teknikk

There is no official page (since 2013), KVR doesn’t list it either. It is however still possible to find this plugin on archive sites like this.

Eventhough this plugin is now quite old, its possibilities are still great.
Included are:

Compression + classic envelope controls- obviously
Tilt EQ
selectable Saturation
LR, L+R, Mid, Side Modes
Listen to Sidechain
Metering via VU-meter in two modes: In/Output or peak reduction/max.

All these things seem to be only small tweaks, but combined this compressor is very versatile and usable for almost anything.
The only slight downside is the CPU load.

GUI: 7/10

A bit overloaded.

Function: 9/10

Vairable Compressor with various options.
The knobs are a bit tricky to adjust, because they are very sensitive.

Efficiency: 8/10

~1,7% CPU load


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