Glitch – dblue

Glitching is key. since (at least) 2010.

Official Page

Quite possibly it is even older than this, it is not easy to find any information about it. 2010 is the last date the official DLL was altered! And this is already v1.3.
The developer warns about some instability. However I have had no problems yet.


Although this plugin is now outdated, it is still pretty good and most importantly: free!

You get various effects like tapestop, gate, crusher, reverser, retrigger…. which can be arranged in patterns, by hand or random.
The effects are nice, but to be used with care. They are easy to overdo.

The patterns can be streched for some time, so the effect won’t start again but continue (important for something like reverse).
Each effect has some own controls, a filter (highpass, lowpass, bandpass, notch) with frequency and Q, panning gain and a mix (dry/wet) control.

There is much more to discover and try in this package. Just go for it.
So much possibilities with (or instead of) automation here!

Please note: This plugin also reacts to Midi!
Some DAWs (espacially reaper) send Midi to other channels along with your audio. This can cause unpredictable behaviour. Just disable midi in the plugin and you are good (there is an extra button for this).

GUI: 9/10

Simple but very good. Looks a bit out of date though. Everything has its own place and these are intuitive.

Function: 10/10

So many possibilities…. it takes a while to check them all out.

Efficiency 9/10

CPU load ~1,3%


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