SplineEQ – Photosounder

Yet another equalizer with a different visualization.

Official Page

Not better or worse than the others. Just a different option.
A spline is a piecewise defined mathematical function and this is more or less the approach of splineEQ. It is hard to explain – you should just see yourself.

The free version provides 4 bands and no presets.

It is possible to adjust the resolution to minimize CPU load.


GUI: 9/10

Different approach. You might like it.

Function: 10/10

It is an EQ and does what it should.

Efficiency: 8/10

load 2,1% (highest presicion)


One thought on “SplineEQ – Photosounder

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  1. This is why I shouldn’t have allowed such a high precision, people crank it up all the way then tell you there’s too much delay and CPU usage. The only reason you might want to use the max precision is for creative effects like making a super-narrow harmonic comb, for things like mastering it’s not so desirable because it just increases pre-ringing and post-ringing.

    Good review though, thanks :).

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