Shred 1.06 – AcmeBarGig

Versatile guitar amp simulation.

The official page has been for sale for some time but it can still be found in places like vst4free.

Head – Effects – Cabinet & Room.
Can be bypassed per module.
Offers a huge veriety of sounds, 6 Heads, 6 effects, >10 cabinets (on and off axis), room simulation (size, floor and wall material).

Huge collection of very good presets.

Customizeable heads (take the features you like form one and put them in another), Pickup-Replacer (basically an eq)….

Very versatile and many good sounds.
Load depends on active modules.

Head, 2 effects, cabinet and room –> 4%

I’d probably use own cabinet and room simulation, but it is a really good start and with all the different heads easy to compare “in plugin”.

GUI: 10/10

Really nice, all the Heads have their own design, everything is clear.
Multilanguage help file

Function: 10/10

LOADS AND LOADS of stuff. And mostly good sounds.
Exemplary presets.
Adjusable input lvl, tubes, heads, mods, effects, cabinets, room. You get everything!

Efficiency: 9/10

Without room/cabinet simulation  1,5%
With 3,5-4%


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