MSControl – Tek’It Audio

The Mid-Side Control panel by Tek’It Audio.

Official Page

Encode, Decode and Onboard Mode, channel swaping, muting, panning and phase flip for mid and side seperatly.
In most ways it is really similar to the MSED, so here is an introduction of possible things.


GUI: 8/10

Very clean. but I miss the metering the MSED (“stereo correlation and balance meter”, some call it scope and I have seen the name ) provides. For this application (Mid/Side) this is a really good visual feedback of what happens (or if at all.

Function: 10/10

Everything you’d expect of a MidSide Control.

Efficiency: 9/10

1,2% load


Personal opinion:

This is a good plugin, but I have to say I like the MSED better. The “scope” metering and slightly lower load are a plus.
The metering of the single channels is better in the MSConrtol and I understand if someone argued the GUI is overall more appealing.

In this case you get two really good options.


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