Winkl – Tek’It Audio

Disortion unit with two modes.

Official Page

Disortion unit. Nothing more, nothing less.
You get bypass, drive and post gain.
Seems to have its own limiter, the max volume will not be exceeded, might lose some dynamics in the progess. Could find acutal information about this yet.

BassDR switches to a disortion that might be better for low end sounds.

This is heavy disortion, nothing subtle!


GUI: 8/10

Simple, but most things you need are there. Some kind of metering of the input or amount of acutal disortion would have been nice.

Function: 10/10

Simple disortion, but that’s what it does. It disorts.

Efficiency: 7/10

With 2,5% CPU load on an FX6300 this is high for dimple disortion.



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