TX16Wx – cwitec inc

All hail the mighty……..sampler!

Official Page
Sampler, loads many things. Handles SF2 realy well, sfz and so on.
Shows the velocity layers and enables you to edit every key and layer, put multiple samples on one key,….
Soundcontrols in a various forms (attack, decay, velocity, glide, filter, lfo,…), all assignable to different controls/midi/automation.
Waveditor for basic manipulation.
There are aditional features in the pro version.

For all features, visit their page.

Mighty tool!
(Own banks can be saved, but this is an own format, not sf2 or sfz).

GUI: 10/10

clean and efficient.


Function: 10/10

Handles a great variety of soundfonts, samples,…. editable in the program.

Efficiency: 6/10

For single notes, the load is pretty low, but it can peak very high, if it has to play many samples at once.


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