Devicer – Plektron

Dirt, dust,….
All those analog noises and imperfections – lost in our digital age. Here you can get them back. (And some digital glitches and alike)

Official Page

Effects like radio, turntable, leslie, robot…
There is not much to tell. Just put it on an instrument, bus or even the master for creative effects or if you have to make “this” specific sound (e.g. a cheap radio in a movie).

GUI: 8/10

Shows the device and offers some options – like speed, dirt, modulation… depending on the loaded device.

Function: 9/10

Not all effects are good, but some are pretty nice. The leslie rotator and the turntable sound good to me, the rest is mixed.

Efficiency: 7/10

CPU load: 2,5%


Personal opinion: 7/10

Creative effect, but don’t overdo it.  Might be fun when used sometimes.
Check out leslie, turntable and radio!


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