Sound Delay – Voxengo

The Sound Delay ist not the “classic” delay effect but rather an acutal delay – it just shifts the signal back by the specified amount

Official Page

This plugin ist not interesting on its own but shines when used in certain contexts.
It can be used for manual created haas effects, doubled guitars (or really any instrument), or – if desired – time alignment.
Nice bonus: Quick entry, converts the entered value.
AB comparison, and many routing/channel like options, stereo, surround…..

GUI: 8/10

Simple and all important information displayed.

Function: 10/10

You get what you see. Precice delay in ms, foot, meter or samples.

Efficiency: 10/10

Load~ 0,4%

Personal opinion: 10/10

Simple but helpful tool. Should be at hand at all times.


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