5ORCERY – Platinumears

Is it a multiband compressor? Is it a dynamic EQ?

Noone knows…

Official Page

The description is a bit confusing and tends more to the compressor.
I’d disagree and say it works acutally more like a dynamic EQ – due to the described method. Whilst working with 5ORCERY is more like with a compressor.

These two get confused quite a bit, even when the design is clear. And to be honest, the results are very similar.

What you get:
Compression for 5 Bands, adjustable crossover frequencies, some knobs to control stuff.

If you want it’ll saturate – but this can be turned off.

Attack, release can be roughly adjusted by ear, you will not get a precise tool for this. The same applies to gain and threshold.

It is for adjusting by hearing rather than for surgical precision .


GUI: 9/10

Nicely done, good metering and controls

Function: 6/10

Nice work, easy to adjust, due to the VU meters you get a good feeling what happens.
Sadly i had some presets give me no tone on occasion. Couldnt find the mistake. But once it works (just adjust yourself) there should be no problem.
No ratio and overall few controls for the actual compressors, but this makes it harder to make mistakes.

Efficiency: 8/10

~2% laod





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