ReaXcomp – Cockos

ReaXcomp is the multiband compressor by Cockos.

Again a minimalistic GUI focused on information not style.

The metering is mainly done via a spectrum analyzer, showing the input, the output and the selected bands.
If needed bands can be added.

Overall a more surgical and less musical tool.


GUI: 7/10

Much information, but it is not easy to find your way at the beginning. Needs some time.
The metering is a little bit to small, but they display the important information (reduction or boosting) with an extra number.
In this case another approach (like GMulti) ist a better option than the precise and detailed one by Cockos – if you’re looking for an easy to use plugin.

Function: 9/10

It is not easy to use this one, the controls are confusing (well, multiband compressors are complex..) and you can good results. Provides some useful presets, like deeser for male or female voice.

Efficiency: 10/10

load: ~0,6%



Personal opinion: 9/10

Excellent multiband compressor. The GUI could be prettier and the handling simpler. Go for the TDR Nova (yeah, this one is more dynamic EQ….). ReaXComp uses less CPU.


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