GMulti / GComp / GComp2 – GVST

GMulti is a multiband compressor with an unique gui.

Official Page

Used in demo

Simple but efficient, this is GVST. They come in an archive you have to take them all.

While the most of the GVST plugins are pretty “standard” (not bad though) the GMulti is something special.
The most important points:

  • Only three bands. Yeah, 4 or 5 would have been better. But we cannot have it all.
  • Visual waveform for every band!
  • Within this representation the compressor threshold is shown.
  • You can zoom in. This is useful if the level is low.
  • And finally the compressed waveform is also shown. Easy comparison between before and after.
  • (A gain reduction meter is also available).

So you get pretty much every information about what happens with your signal.

The controls are pretty common and easy to understand, if you know how a compressor works.
There are the two frequencies which divide your signal into the three bands.
Lowcut, Gain, Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio, and output level. There is also a knob for width, which has something to do with the amount of stereo, but I didn’t actually found a use for this one yet (or know what it does exactly).
The waveform “metering” is a pretty uncommon but very intuitive way to do it. Try it out, it may change your mind.
The rest of the gui is simple and not pretty but gets the job done.

(There is also the GComp and GComp2 which are very similar only not multiband and a tad more detailed. GComp has a limiter (also represented in the waveform), some RMS/Peak control and a knee (“softness”). GComp2 has fewer controls and is simplified. But got an extra gate. Maybe better for beginners)

GUI: 9/10

Whilst it is not pretty it is simple and very intuitive and actually helps adjusting. Nice metering and good controls.

Function: 10/10

Just works great to mainpulate sounds in spectrum. For mastering there are probably better alternatives. Only 3 Bands.

Efficiency: 10/10

~0,6% load

Personal opinion: 9/10

One of my favourite plugins for controlling sound when an EQ just is not enough. Easily tames to loud bass or high frequency peaks without touching the rest of the signal.
The waveform is really useful!


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