FreeHaas – vescoFX

This one gives you the haas effect. Suprise!

Official Page

This one is very similar to the M-ST, with the difference, that the delay and the lvl difference is adjusable.

And it is donationware, so there is a “nagscreen” you have to click once everytime you open it. Nothing really bad though.


GUI: 8/10

Clean and efficient.

Funciton 9/10

Adjustable results but the “nagscreen”…
Will do its job.

Efficiency: 10/10

low load


Personal opinion: 6/10

It is somewhere between the M-ST and doing it manually with delay and some other stuff on one side. If I need it quick I use M-ST  and if I don’t like it I’ll do it step by step for full control.


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