TesslaSE – VoS

TesslaSE is an easy to use saturation plugin.

Official Page

I couldn’t finde an acutal page like to the other VoS plugins, this one seems to be only described in the manual.

In fact there is not much to tell. It simulates the saturation of transformer.
I cannot tell, if this is really “transformer saturation” because I have no way to compare but the saturation is well done.

The controls are really simple to understand and to use with a knob for saturation and some control over input and output gain and some buttons for additional options. The VU meter in the middle gives a good visual feedback about whats happening.

GUI: 8/10

It is almost perfect, except it is a little bit to small. You’ll see when you try it.

Function: 10/10

Nice saturation and easy to use.

Efficiency: 10/10

0,3% CPU load (FX6300)


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