SIR1 – SIR Audio Tools

SIR1 is a free convolution reverb.

Official Page

You will need reverb IRs to use this plugin.

SIR has a really good, easy to use envelope control and is showing you visually how it affects the waveform/impulse.
There is an EQ, you might not see directly:

SIR.jpgJust click in there and you get points you can draw your curves with.

Everything else is mostly self-explaining.

One negative aspect: It comes with a fixed latency of 8960 samples.
Realtime is not an option and you might experience some “input lag”.


GUI: 8/10

Clear, everything you need.

Function: 7/10

Easy to use and good manipulation. but high latency….

Efficiency: 10/10

0,7% CPU load (FX6300)

Personal opinion: 8/10

Quite nice, but the latency is an issue. There is SIR2 with no such thing, but this one is not free.
I used SIR for some time but changed for many applications to ReaVerb.
I really like the EQ and how to manipulate the IR.

The biggest advantage is the easy handling and it is harder to get a bad result than with most other convolution plugins (provided the IR file is good).

Go for it, if you are a beginner and/or don’t care about latency.


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