ReverberateLE – Liquid Sonic

ReverberateLE is the free version of the Reverberate 2 and Reverberate Core.

Official Page

You will need reverb IRs to use this plugin.


While the paid versions (espacially the 2) give you loads of options, rounting, chorus, delay….. and a true stereo capability, the reverberateLE is pretty basic.

It has “classic” envelope controls, similar to a compressor or synthesizer, and stretch, start and end and normalize controls.
In a second tab you will find an EQ. Claims to be linear phase – that would make sense in this application.

There is also an GPU edition, which does not use the CPU but the GPU for processing.


GUI: 9/10

Nice and clean. The load button is a bit small and hidden….

Function: 8/10

Manipulation through traditional envelope controls. Might be more intuitive to others, but I think this is not the best approach.

Efficiency: 10/10

Even the CPU edition just had 0,3% CPU load. This might change with longer IRs, more manipulation or “more” signals.


Personal opinion: 7/10

Best looking GUI for a convolution reverb so far. But the controls a not my style and the small load button bothers me. Many other convolution plugins offer the possibility to directly select IRs (at least from the last folder), while this one only gives you one up or one down.


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