ReaVerb – Cockos

The convolution reverb, that comes with reaper – or in the seperate plugin pack.

Official Page

You will need some reverb IRs to use this plugin.

I’ve mentioned this one before, but didn’t say much about it.
The GUI is like the rest of the ReaPlugs simple and minimalistic. But you get much useful information and the most important controls.

ReaVerb goes a different way compared to some other convolution reverbs.
You can click some modules together, like shown in this picture:


Use the “add” button for more. There are some modules like delay, reverb…. but the most important are those shown: File and Trim/Gain/Stretch.
The first of course allows you to get an IR in ReaVerb and the second enables basic manipulation.
There is also an IR-generator if you feel like creating your own responses.

The other modules are interesting too but not as basic as the two above and you do not really need them for natural reverb.


GUI: 8/10

Modular, but due to the “hidden” menus not easy to navigate.

Function: 9/10

Loads of stuff and really good results. Strech is less intuitive than other convolution reverbs but this one has less problems with certain files than other loaders (personal experience). Also the latency is adjustable.
An usable EQ would have been nice. Can be added externally but might require some routing.

Efficiency: 10/10

0,7% CPU load


Personal opinion: 9/10

Really good. Only the GUI is a downer.


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