Rescue MK2 – VoS

Analog style modelled signal designer.

Official Page

This is basically a saturation plugin, but with much more options than most of this kind.

It can process the mid and side channel separately, restore some wideness/depth that maybe gets lost on the way and delay (ramp) the effect to let more transients through. There is an option to (de-)activate the analog noise. There is also some compressing/limiting going on.

It is hard to explain in words what actually happens but to sum it up: You get your signal more analog. And it does a good job.

Because this is VoS there is – of cause – a manual explaining the controls in more detail. The pdf is included in the download.


GUI: 9/10

It is nice, though not pretty.

Function: 10/10

Nice saturation, nice effect, many possibilities

Effeiciency: 10/10



Personal Opinion: 10/10

Another great plugin by VoS that is really useful and efficient at the same time. You want your mojo back? Here you go!


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