PVFireball – Vadim Taranov

The PVFireball by Vadim Taranov emulates an ENGL Fireball Amp.

Official Page (as I write this review the download does not work! But the problem is known and possibly fixed soon download is available)

This is another great sounding amp. I don’t know if the disortion is actually static (or this is intended by the original) but the response is not good. You get “no disortion” and “full disortion”. Inbetween i could not hear any remarkable differences.

I’ve made a demo for you!

GUI: 10/10

Looks like an amp.

Function: 7/10

It is great but not versatile in terms of disortion.

Efficiency: 6/10

3,2% load on FX6300.

Personal Opinion: 7/10

It sounds good but is more or less an one-trick-pony. Load is ok.


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