Riviera – Nuspace Audio

Hybrid (convolution/algorithmic) reverb that takes a different approach.

Official Page

Yuancheng Luo just (02/2017) published this crazy plugin, that combines convolution and algorithmic reverb – if i get it right up to hypothetical 5 dimensions… I won’t even try to explain this black-voodoo-math-magic. Luckily there is a tutorial how to use the plugin. And if you are interested (and have some time and are capable of understanding this) he also has some background information.

To the practical side:
You can get some really interesting effects and also real rooms, if you invest some time in understanding all the controls. The presets provide some points to start but to get good results you need to practice. This is not one click and go.

One negative aspect:
Everytime you change a parameter, the plugin calculates a new conolution. This is probably a trick to minimize computation cost. The downside is you have to wait some time until changes take effect. This makes comparing and adjusting difficult.


GUI: 7/10

It is just a bit loaded, not really clear and not self explaining.

Function: 7/10

Not bad, interesting stuff. But not easy to use and complex. Good presets.

Efficiency: 10/10

0,8% CPU load (FX6300).


Personal opinion: 5/10

Interesting approach but not practical for me. But I’m curios what this new developer will come up with next.

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