BC Gain Suite – Blue Cat Audio

Blue Cat Audio provides this simple but very useful gain tool for free.

Official Page
(Download as Suite or included in the complete free pack!)

This tool allows you to perform gain adjustments everywhere in your plugin chain. This may sound useless but is actually needed in many cases. Source not loud enough? Use this. Source to loud? Use this. Different plugins need different gain (often ~0dB or ~-18dB)? Use this…
Ranges can be adjusted, especially the +60dB should cover any scenario.

But it is capable of some other nice stuff. Multiple instances can be grouped in A-I (9 groups) on any slot / track. One great advantage is the automatic gain compensation for non linear effects like saturation or disortion. BC Audios blog has a link to a tutorial.

Comes in “Mono” and “Dual” (Stereo, dual mono and mid/side).

Blue Cat even provides an alternative skin for this plugin, also for free!

It provides midi control with some extras.


GUI: 9/10

This blue knob is kinda boring 😀 But everything else is damn good. Alternive skin provided.

Function: 10/10

Perfect and very useful!

Efficiency: 10/10

Reaper shows 0,1%. I guess this is just the lowest possible readout.


Personal Opinion: 10/10

I love it. It is not spaced out but very practical and easy to use.


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