NadIR – Ignite Amps

NadIR is the impulse respones loader by Ignite Amps.

Download at KVR

Used in demo

You’ll need guitar cabinet impulse responses to use this plugin.
NadIR gives you up to two cabs and some basic control (high/lowpass, delay, panning, phase and how to use incoming signal (mono, dual mono, stereo..).

It is simple and just works!

GUI: 8/10

Not pretty but ok. The target group is “metal heads”.

Function: 10/10

Nothing to complain about. Does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Efficiency: 10/10

CPU load ~0,2% (FX6300) with two cabs loaded and processed! This is impressive.


Personal opinion: 10/10

It is doing what it should be doing! CPU load is low. I use this rather than something else if I need a cab simulation.


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