LeCab 2 – LeoPou

LeCab2 is the cabinet impulse response loader (cabinet simulator) by LePou.

Official Page

LePou is known for his collection of “guitar oriented” plugins – mainly featuring guitar amp simulators. For the complete simulation you’ll need a simulated cabinet and this is LeCab.

It features up to six(!) slots with some basic controls like high/lowpass, delay, phase, pan, volume, source selecting, linking two cabs, adjustable latency and of course impulse loading.

You will need impulse responses (IRs) to work with this plugin.



GUI: 8/10
It is clean and usable. Everything you need is there.

Function: 10/10
It loads IRs and delivers the results.

Efficiency: 5/10
CPU load is quite high. 1,5% with one Cab, 2,4% with two… It is just ridiculous to implement 6 Cabs. Other loaders have a significantly lower load – comparing two cabs.

Personal opinion: 4/10
If you need many cabs or for quick reference between more than one pair this might be good. In all other cases and espacially for general use, there are better options.


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