Emissary – Ignite Amps

The Emissary Amp is an emulation of a guitar tube amplifier.

(Kinda) official page. The acutal ignite page gets blocked by google with a warning. You can find them easily but I won’t link directly. As far as I know the KVR page is the official download page. And it is definitely free!

This is a complex amp. You get many controls and a really good sound. They claim the modeled a complete analog amp, and I belive this is right. The claim on low CPU usage however is in my experience bogus.

Guitar amps / disortion is an artistic choice and depends on your taste. I think this is a really good VST amp and especially for disortion it is worth to be tried.

I’ve made a short demo!

GUI: 9/10

A little bit too much but still ok. Nice design.

Function: 8/10

Many possibilities, depend on personal taste. Not easy though and no usable presets.

Efficiency: 4/10

CPU load >4% (FX6300). This is too much for regular use on more than one channel.


Personal opinion: 7/10

I like the sound and the concept.


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