Mixtube – WOKwave

Mixtube: Simple saturation plugin by Wolfgang Krumme.

Official Page

You get: A drive knob. That’s it!
Well, there is a tube path and an “active” selector.

Just crank it up and enjoy the saturation! This is usable on almost every instrument and it is easy to get a good result. Espacially on guitars before sending it into an amplifer!

Works from subtle to disortion.


GUI: 9/10

Everything you need is there. Nothing more, nothing less. Could be a little bit better, but you get a glowing tube! 😀 (And a VU meter!)


Easy to use, good results. Just put it on some tracks it will do a good saturation job!

Efficiency: 10/10

CPU Load ~0,2% (FX6300)


Personal Opinion: 10/10

Acutally usable saturation, good and easy results.


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