M-ST – WOKwave

M-ST. A cryptic name for a cryptic plugin. It can convert Mono to Stereo to “wide” and back.

Official Page

This doesn’t do much. You don’t need it to mix….. as long as you work mono. (the mono-master button is your friend!)

It changes the stereo wideness, mono to stereo, stereo to mono and so on. It is as simple as it can be. But the effect is great.

What is this for?

Well, if you have a perfect recording you probably won’t need this. This means all guitars, keys, vocals… are at least tracked twice or even more, everything that should be in stereo is stereo and so on.
But this is rare.

What does it do?

I can only guess. Most likely it uses the Haas-Effect (the description talks about filters and delays).

You can recreate similar effects with simple delays and excessive routing, but why would you? The results by M-ST are really good! (works the other way around too, stereo/wide to mono). All this smoothly with perfect control how strong the effect should be.

Make shure you select the right mode (input).

Use it for:

Positioning instruments out of center in the room, without hard panning.
Make room for your other instruments.
Double any Instrument.
Get REALLY fat disorted guitars. (Tip: If you only have one guitar track, double it (or more^), spread it with M-ST and process each one differently (EQ, disortion,…).
Easy way to enhance applause in live recordings (if taken mono). USE WITH CARE!
I’ve made a short demo for use with guitars. The other mentioned effects work rather in the mix but you can get the idea.

GUI: 8/10

Could be a little bit less boring. But it is really practical and easy to use.

Function: 10/10

Simple effect and great results. Though it is a one-trick-pony it gets versatile when combined with other processing.

Efficiency: 10/10

CPU load ~0,2% (FX6300).

Personal opinion: 10/10

Versatile given some creativity, good effect, easy to use, what do you want more?
I use it on a regular basis.


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