ThrillseekerXTC – VoS

The ThrillseekerXTC is an exciter, with some saturation.

Official Page

This is another really good plugin by VoS.  It comes with a beautiful GUI and lots of stuff. There are two versions (black and blue) for use with -18dB and hotter signals.

It is hard to discribe the effect that is ranging from subtle to in your face. If you are looking for a versatile saturation try this one! It’s combining some EQing with subtle saturation and the results are pretty unique.

GUI: 10/10

Everthing is clean, readable and comes with the design of a nice 19″ rack effect.

Function: 10/10

Just put it in your mix. To vocals, drums, bass, guitars….. and see what happens! The presets are exemplary and you get good result pretty quick.

Efficiency: 10/10

CPU load ~0,7% (FX6300)

Personal opinion: 10/10

I love it and use it in most of my projects. If something does not seem right, but you don’t know what it is, try it. “Bring your mojo back!”


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