EpicVerb – Variety of Sound

The EpicVerb. The name says it: EPIC. This is not a lie!

Official Site

Used in demo

Variety of Sound will be on this blog more than one time. This guy is just crazy – in a good way.

The Plugin : epicVerb.

Obviously this is a reverb. It is algorithmic.

You can find a picture here.

All these controls might be intimidating first, but this reverb is just plain good. You get amazing sounds and possibilities, while having some good starting points. I do not(!) like the presets*, but they provide an idea, where one could go. It is no one-click reverb, it is required to put some effort into it to get a good sound – but it is worth it.

I would suggest to begin with to create an extra reverb bus and use this plugin there (100% wet) it just gives you a better feeling. By sending all instruments there it will – for starters – sound more natural.

epicVerb comes – like most (all?) VoS plugins – good explanations/instructions (as pdf, included in the download). You can look up any function you might not understand.

Now, negative stuff:

It is really a short list.

  1.  The EQ section is unusual. You have to get used to it. (Controls inner knob, outer ring). (For me) it is not intuitive.
  2. I have observed some high CPU usage, though i cannot explain where this comes from. It happens in some combinations with other plugins – it is rare though. (~8% on a FX6300).

Thats all.

GUI: 8,5/10

Nice to look at. Not 100% intuitive but ok. All needed controls are there and most are explained on screen. For the rest –> pdf

Function: 9/10

Well. It is good. Not perfect though. With some (beginner friendly) presets this would change. This is due to the HUGE amount of possibilities one is confronted here.

Efficiency: 6/10

CPU load (with exceptions) ok. Usually somewhere at 1.7% (FX6300). This is not high, considering the results. But keep a close look when using this.

Personal opinion: 8/10

Good reverb. But you have to invest some time for good results and check your CPU load (this is always a good idea though).

I use it on a regular basis, but less for “realistic” reverb and more for artistic reasons. That does not mean, it cannot do realistic, but I prefer other methods there (convolution).

*mostly to long and/or to bright or not natural. Try (for in my opinion natural stuff) : Choose hall or reverb instead of plate, reflex or echo. Mod down, Damp up, and time possibly down.


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