Mo’ Verb – Rythm Lab / Oleg Sharonov

The Mo’ Verb chose a slightly different approach than most other reverbs I’ve seen. Using an actual EQ is quite common in convolution, in algorithmic there is usually something called dampening.

Official Page

I struggeled to find natural reverb, though it is possible. This reverb has two other strengths: Artistic effect and single instrument processing.

It comes with a bunch of (well named) presets, for drums, vocals… and they sound (after some tweaking) not bad – at least. (Love the snare stuff).

As a bonus you get some usefull metering and easy manipulated EQs. The GUI is packed with controls but still clean and clear. The controls are more or less explained.

GUI: 7,5/10

Thumbs up! Not really pretty but with all these controls a good job.

Function: 10/10

Though it is not your everyday room reverb, this one has more than one application and generates useful results. The presets are exemplary.

Efficiency: 10/10

~0,8% load on FX6300

Personal opinion: 9/10

Hell yeah! Maybe not of much use for everyone, but it is pretty damn good!


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