Liscverb – Saltline

The liscverb is a big and versatile reverb unit.

Official Page


Liscverb comes with loads and loads of controls. It is easy to get lost in this jungle. The flexibility is great, though I was not able to get pleasing results. It always did stuff I didn’t plan and I disagree with the advertised “Simple in construction and operation“. It may be simple regarding all the possibilities it is offering but it still not easy to reach your goal.

The effects are more “out of space” than actual room.



Gui: 5/10

All the stuff there is more or less explained but it is not easy to find what you want and just play with it.

Function: 6/10

The effect is not bad but very special in it’s own reagard. Not for everyday use and definitely more artistic and for special needs.

Efficiency: 10/10

CPU load (FX6300) <1%


Personal Opinion: 5/10

I do not like it. (Reverbs… you gonna get three opinions asking two people; check it our yourself!)


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