Bigrev – Wolfgang Krumme

The Bigrev is a simple reverb, offering only few controls.

Official Page


You don’t get much realistic reverb, but more a special effect. This is what the website promotes and I agree.

Due to the few controls, there is not much to do wrong. But the reverb is really only good for some artistic use. Or for beginners maybe. So nothing more than promised, but not versatile.


GUI: 7/10

Clean and functional. Nothing more, nothing less.

Function: 6/10

Few options, not everyday use, very specific stuff.

Efficiency: 8/10

CPU load on my FX6300 is ~2%. that is not the best, but acceptable.


Personal Opinion: 5/10

It is doing, what is promised but I really do not like this effect. Reverb is always a personal choice so go check it out. Maybe you gonna like it.


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